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So somebody can recomanded me few places? Nope, almost no chance. Thanks 22 April, Reply. They cost more than Jakarta hookers imply because more tourists visit the island. It can also help two people become more intimate.

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When I walked in there to inquire the prices, I immediately felt annoyed by the smoke everywhere: But some of them were quite attractive they all wear sexy yellow dresses. When I inquired the price with the mamasan, she quoted me 1. I left. You can use both for free if you take one of their three packages:. Depending on the room type, a 2 hour and 15 minutes session costs k, 1,k or 1,k.

Note that Delta Spa offers no sex, but a standard happy ending hand job is included in all packages. They will present you a menu with four different options: All services include a hand job happy ending yes, even the k session. If you want sex, you will have to talk to your girl later in the room to see how much tip she wants.

So you will definitely need your own vehicle ideally a motorbike to get there, and make sure to carefully look at the location on the map below. The price includes a hand job, but no sex negotiated separately. Delta Spa — this is the latest massage parlor in Bali. The cost for the karaoke room is free but the girls cost about , Rupiah each.

You just have to be careful about the bill though as you might get scammed. One guy actually had a bill of 1. When it comes to the massage service, there are 2 packages: It is just the same massage service plus the happy ending. But it depends on the type of room. If you are planning to get Bali sex massage, then this place is a definite to go to. Swell Spa — another legit looking spa is located at Jalan Intan Permai.

Just like Riverview, it does look like an upscale spa but they indiscreetly offer sensual and erotic massage which of course, includes happy ending. Zona Spa — this just opened last year and the best part of this spa is that their therapists are wearing different costumes.

They are either a French maid, Japanese Geisha , school girl or stewardess. The place provides originality with this theme. Price could range between , to 1 million Rupiah for the whole package which includes the massage and happy ending which runs about a total of 90 minutes. Their bestselling package is the plus plus with two girls Triple S and that costs about , Rupiah plus tip.

Refrezz Spa — another massage parlor which caters to men, both local and foreign. The establishment is located in Denpasar but it is quite cheap compared to Riverview Spa. The only happy ending service they offer though is a hand job but nothing for the full Bali sex massage service.

Their Facebook page can be found here. They also have gay massage parlors but I am not sure whether they offer the same type of service as with the standard happy ending massage parlors. To name a few they are called: It seems that the gay Bali massage scene is pretty popular among locals, expats and tourists. Where is your best place to get a sex massage in Bali?

Nice atmosphere, super friendly front desk staff they speak very good English ; and great girls! I had very good treatments and came consecutively every day! Very close to Seminyak, too. You get what you pay for…. Hey Joey Only a fool and desperado would go every day and pay these twats that sort of money. You are only spoiling them and making them feel entitled by paying outrageous amounts of money.

One million rupiah is like twenty times their average daily pay. Certainly once in a while is ok. Just have a few cheap regular massages for k rupiah in between. Do you know any massage with happy ending for woman by caucasian massage therapist in Bali? The establishments closer to the beach areas are well publicized. What about finding extras in Ubud? Dear guys who plan to try bali for sex experience beware.

This is a disappointing place. Most services are full if scam. You might rarely find an experience that is worth the time and money. I have travelled widely and right now September 20 i am in bali. I tried both massage spas and freelancer touted on the street.

Both were absolutely waste of time. If you can travel to bali with your girlfriend and have a great time. Otherwise stay away from this shithole. It is total disaster. First the taxi driver took me to sanur. Girls were below average. We visited four different showrooms.

I did not see any other tourists, basically local clients. Finally, i eased down on my standards and chise one. To my surprise the pimp said she us not provide good service and urged me to go for another girl. I was busy figuring out why he said that when i realized she had been booked. I gave up and returned to my hotel.

Second night another taxi driver took me to couple of vans parked by the street full of girls much worse than the ones in filthy sanur brothels. As i had already seen a clip on the place on youtube i settled for a girl for 1,, It was a full service body message.

The girl a 5, nika. Then we got upstairs. OMG, the dirtiest place i had ever been to. Just a bed with stained sheets, a shower with yellow and red stains on the floor and walls, stinking of a mixture of smoke and some other odors. For that much money i expected a clean place, not a shabby room even dirtier than sanur brothels.

Then with my urge half turned off, the started the most unprofessional lousy massage i had ever have yawing all the time putting on an exhausted face. The only words she spoke were yes no sorry. Ah, I think your problem might of been asking a taxi driver. You are right Harvie.

The third time i did not trust taxi drivers and was not going to try any other girl. But i was approached at the entrance of the hotel and offered girls sent to my room. I gave up and agreed in an attempt to erase the bad memory of the first night. They sent two girls i chose. The pimp left after collecting money from me.

As soon as left the girl started behaving rudely urging me to finish quickly. I said i have two hours but she pretended she did not understand whereas the pimp had shown her his watch and made sure she got the time limit. Being a bit sensitive, i was totally turned off by her nasty manners so much that i asked her to leave.

I do not like to make generalisations based on a few unpleasant experiences, but what are the odds to have multiple mishaps in just a few days? I leave the judgement to readers. Instead i would spend my valuable time and hard earned money in places like thailand, malaysia or Singapore. This is typically common in the P4P scene when the number of tourists is way too high in an area a bit like Amsterdam.

Well-known for its massage services to gives deep pleasure and pampering the clients, with highly trained and very friendly therapists from many areas of Indonesia. Photos of the therapists updated frequently every few months that can be shown in the gallery. Total Body Massage or Full Body Massage is massage from toe to the head on both sides of the body, when you lie on your stomach and then face up and vice versa.

Every part of your body can be touched very gently or strongly according to your wishes. Start with stretching the muscles that make you feel relax and relieve the muscle, and follows with the sensual techniques. There are many kinds of massage offerings:

Cherrys massage parlour

Culture Creation Canvas - Privacy Contacts. Just got back from flame spa massage. Couples especially enjoy a male therapist for her and a female therapist for him. Or even better full sex?

Swell massage is more than just a massage, it is a sensual experience.:

  • Just watch for the massage parlours that are staffed by males.
  • Please book at least 24 hours in advance for happy hour.
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  • Swell Spa — another legit looking spa is located at Jalan Intan Permai.
  • If not take a walk in any tourist areas in Bali.
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  • some sexy massage bali fuck her!
  • I was busy figuring out why he said that when i realized she had been booked.

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When it comes to the massage service, there are 2 packages: Each bed has curtains around it for privacy. After a few bad experiences, I tried TBM total body massage twice now and would recommend them. Ubud is nothing like the other parts of Bali. Hi guys I will be in Seminyak next week and looking for a topless happy ending massage, do you have any recommendations?

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