Green Door Bethlehem

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I noticed she goes for the guys with the bigger cocks. Add to mybook Remove from mybook Added to your services collection! Makes you ask why the hell they were there in the first place. Black discreet male in Allentown looking for newly kinky fun. Had a tranny suck my cock and fucked him in the ass bareback in the back room. Anyone been there?

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Other guys, including myself played and came on her huge luscious titties. I lost count how many cocks I sucked at the gloryhole, in the smaller rooms, and the theatre. The woman with the big titties said I was a good tittie and cock sucker. They agreed with me about cleaning up the place and loved the idea of removing the first row and putting a platform in the front of the theatre for gangbangs.

Something padded with black vinyl cover for comfort and easy cleaning. We went again on a Friday night and went into one of the larger rooms in the back. We made out and fucked and sucked and then opened the door a little bit and someone came in to join us. Unfortunately he had stage fright but at least he was really nice. After that we fucked again and then just left. RealCouple Report.

Posted Sep 17 How is this place on a Saturday night for a couple? And what time does the action go to? Trying to figure out if it's worth stopping by or just a bunch of creepers. Posted Sep 13 Is there anything going on here during weekdays? Interested is CD, TV, or female.

Posted Sep 04 I'm finding out that if I ask or offer, it happens. I had a few very successful nights in the past month so don't be shy, guys. We're all here for some sort of pleasure. I watched a couple play through a hole for a while. He finally saw my hand and put his cock through the hole. I sucked him till he was hard then they left. Later they were in a larger booth with a bench and they invited me in.

He played a little with her tits and pussy while I sucked him off. Nice load. Then another night I sat next to a very hot CD in the back booth. What a body! She had just been fucked so I just hugged her and touched her all over. It was hot.

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I never did that before. Another time someone sucked me at a hole and I sucked a few others.

I'm getting to really like this place. Posted Aug 27 We have gone to this place twice now. The first time we were rookies and just ducked into the first booth open and it had a huge hole in the wall, so we started showing off with my girl sucking me off with her back to the hole. As she was sucking me a few guys went into the other booth but only watched.

But then a tall skinny kid with a large cock entered and began stroking it and then stuck it through the hole. I gestured to my girl and she turned around and looked. I thought she was going to pass out. I'm not bad, I'm above average in size, but this thing was big. Seeing she was a little intimidated and me being bi, I went first and tried my best to get most of his cock in my mouth.

It didn't take long to get my girl to help and before we knew it he was done. Lucky we had him wear a condom because I'm sure we both would have been covered by the massive amount of jizz he blew in it. After that someone came in and watched me empty my cock and balls into my girl's eager mouth and with that we left and we were no longer rookies.

Our second trip was not as good. Lots of guys standing around or what seem like chasing us around the place as we we looked at the other booths. Only got one cock through the wall and it was too small to suck. Mostly creepers. We were hoping it would be better on a Saturday since our first trip was on a Wednesday and we had so much luck.

We will try agin and hopefully the play will be better. Posted Aug 19 This place is set up really well. It's just a shame that young people don't go to porn stores. So tired of being around ish guys all the time. And like every other porn place, there are the regulars; I could tell who they were after just two days of visiting. You know, they are in and out all day, just sitting looking at their phones, and when anybody remotely interesting comes in, they just about knock you over.

Oh yeah, and there are always one or two guys just sitting in their cars in the parking lot. Why always so many creeps at porn stores? Lori slut Report. Posted Aug 05 I sucked and fucked so many. Carl Report. Posted Jun 15 This place has really gone downhill. I was there last night and although there was a couple all else was boring. I can't believe how slow it was for a Saturday night.

Caleb Report. Posted Apr 30 Do you think I would be allowed in? Randi69 Report. Posted Apr 19 I commend the owners and staff for eliminating the foul odor than was beginning to happen and keeping the gloryhole booth walls clean. Thank you very much. I hear there are more women playing there now. I visited last Saturday night from 8 until It was slow but did get to suck two nice cocks but no rewards.

When I left there were 22 cars in the lot. I wish I could have played a few more hours. So I was able to return this Saturday. Same hours but more action. I sucked six nice cocks and three reciprocated. No one came. Again when I left there were over twenty cars in the lot. Next time I'm hoping for a warm load.

Shawn Report. Posted Mar 29 This response is for "guy. Before you go there head to the other store they own called Cupids Treasures on Stefko Blvd. It is literally around the corner. There is a couple there every weekend and the lady will get fucked by all. I noticed she goes for the guys with the bigger cocks. Enjoy, my friend. Sep 28, Total Listings: This is response to "Guy. Some only play with their man, but most take on all cummers.

Robynn Cd Posted Mar 27 A man drove me there and pimped me out, it was great. I sucked and got fucked. Posted Mar 22 Looking for straight women that like to suck or get fucked, are there any there? Posted Feb 27 This response is for Jacob. It is totally worth going to this place. They also have another place around the corner where I have seen cute couples having a really good time with the guys.

They will fuck, just be patient. It is worth the trip, wait for this winter to pass. Phil Report. Posted Jan 18 I have been going to this place on and off for the last three years. I have to say that lately it has been hit or miss, more miss than anything. Friday nights seems to be the best. The problem is that many guys who go there end up standing around rather than playing.

They also have a store not too far that they have made great improvements in the back. I have more fun there than at the Green Door. Guys the place is for hot fun, so start having it instead of standing around. Posted Dec 07 All I got to admit is this is my first time going today. I will now be a regular weekend visitor. I was part of a bukkake on one man's wife, sucked off a guy, and got sucked off.

It was an intense couple hours. God, I love Green Door. And the two guys working the door were beyond accommodating. I asked to change the straight porn video and they had no problem switching it. Great place, just wish it was ten bucks instead of twelve. Some suggestions to improve why we're here and to make the most of it. Let's face it, we're here to enjoy sex.

Straight or bi, it doesn't matter. We just want to get off. We would be very lucky to find a single woman, couple CD or TV, though it happens occasionally. So let's deal with reality guys: We're here to fuck, suck or be sucked. I have done my own research and find that by going up to a guy and asking what he wants or telling him what you want, will get you satisfied most times one way or another and don't be afraid to be specific.

I recently sucked two cocks. The first got nice and hard and felt good sliding in and out of my mouth but after a few minutes he pulled out and left. Another cock came through the hole. He had a cock ring on but it didn't help getting him hard. He left after 10 minutes and returned a while later but still no luck.

I even sucked his balls. Oh well, better luck next time. Now for the exhibitionists out there. Wouldn't it be nice to remove the front row in the theatre no one ever sits there and have a vinyl padded raised platform around 4' or 5' in diameter to watch people fuck and suck or join in? They have a great setup for sex with private places for couples as well, and you can watch sometimes.

They get many couples on the weekends. It's clean and very popular. It's a bit too seedy here yet for the average woman and needs to be cleaned up. It's beginning to have a distasteful odor and cleanliness is important when having sex. I brought a woman here twice and both times left within 15 minutes because of the lack of cleanliness and the odor. I'm planning to go on Thursdays to get my mouth fucked.

I hope the owners will make some positive changes to improve something that is very special to the Lehigh Valley. Everyone needs to get off. Posted Oct 18 Hi I'm a young guy looking for cute couples. I'm bi. I live in Chester NY. Is it worth going there? Had an amazing time this past Friday afternoon.

It was my fourth time going. I went in "dressed" and mostly stood at the end of the main hallway with my hands tied and blindfold. Lots of passing gropes and titty licks and then at one point I was triple teamed and forced on my knees and throat fucked till cum was running everywhere. After recovering from that two more took turns on me doggy style.

Then later on in the "straight" theatre I was bent backwards over a chair sucking a line of cocks. At one point during this someone was sucking mine, then my legs and ass were lifted up and I was getting dick at both ends while still bent backwards. I had to wash off with a jug of water when I left.

Posted Sep 16 Glad the police issue was explained. That can and has happened at many a place. I went there last night on a whim, Sunday. Wasn't sure. Once there, you can tell either it was an active day, or they haven't cleaned in a while. Got there around It was pretty dead, but in the span of two hours, was still able to get fucked three times via the gloryhole and ate another three loads.

There was a female there when I arrived so I expected things to be slow, but seems she missed her moment. Can't wait to finally get there at the right time to get my hole bred over and over again. This place has potential but not a lot of good looking guys.

Sasha Report. Posted Aug 03 I've been here numerous times and once, someone had their car broken into and had their wallet stolen. This was during the day. The police came and everything but some of us bolted before they could show up, for obvious reasons. This isn't the safest area and it makes sense why police may be called to the venue in the first place.

Pembroke Road and the surrounding areas can be dangerous so keep that in mind. Still can't explain why police horses showed up along with the dogs, lol. Stay safe. Geoffrey Report. Posted Jul 30 There was a car broken into one night about the time the previous poster mentions police activity.

Don't know for sure that was the incident he is referencing but have not seen any police last couple weeks so I think it was more or less nothing to worry about. Jul 28, Total Listings: Posted Jul 28 There was a Heads Up posted about this place recently. It's still open and still great place to visit. Police activity was because a car was broken into in the parking lot.

Housing project is across the street, always police in the area. I live an hour away from here and make the trip as often as possible. Sometimes I go alone for man to man action. Sometimes I take my wife along. Lots and lots of fun. Kevin Report. Posted Jul 23 Not sure why or what the hell was going on in there. Disappointed and what a disappointment after driving an hour to get and watch some XXX action.

Have been there a few times in the past and this place was okay for PA, not awesome, just good. So I guess it's going downhill fast unless they do something better or move. Sad as it's a good outlet for guys who just want to play once in awhile. Editor's Note: Guest Report. Police presence? I finally got there for first time about two weeks ago.

Had a blast and couldn't wait to go back in a few weeks, but not very likely now with that news. Posted Jul 16 Save your time and gas. The police on are on this place something fierce. Went for the first time on Saturday, July 6, GD staff standing outside. Police, dogs, horses, patrol cars set up in front of the place. Stopping traffic and people who may go in. Long drive for disappointment.

It's in the middle of nowhere in Bethlehem. Too much police presence all over the town, stopping people at will. Not going back and you shouldn't either. Posted Jul 05 Just wondering how a very slutty dressing GURL exhibitionist would do who's not into oral but really like my "big sexy ass" groped, lightly slapped, spread open, examined, dildoed with my toys, safe sex always and of course cummed on!

Alex Report. Posted Jun 18 This place has so much potential. Tons of gloryholes. Friday nights get very busy after Many hungry mouths waiting. Posted Jun 02 My wife and I were here a week ago. Nice place. We went so my wife could get loads of cum on her tits. We watched a few guys sucking cocks and ended up in a theatre room, the gay one.

She liked my ass in front of five guys. By the end of the night 2: She is not there to fuck or suck. Just allow men to cum on her huge tits. Aug 07, Total Listings: Posted May 03 They say it is Cupids when you call Is it Cupids or Green Door? And is this place any good on late Friday night after Happy visitor Report.

Posted May 02 I was here last night and a couple came in. Did anyone hear that guy rail his girlfriend? She was a Hope to see them there again. Ed Report. I was here a couple of weeks ago. A great place when it is humming no pun intended but it can be a drag again no pun when it is slow. This time it was a drag.

Four guys in there and no one wanted to play. Makes you ask why the hell they were there in the first place. All in all, it is still the best place in the tri-state. You just have to time it right. Posted Apr 26 Went last Friday had a great time. Couple of couples, lots of horny guys. Jerked off in the straight theatre but couldn't get anyone to get anything going.

Hit a couple gloryholes and the last guy I sucked off started with another guy in the booth with him then gave it to me through the hole. He was the biggest I've had! Loved it. Swallowed him down. Going back again tonight for sure. Hope the action is just as good. Pete Rodriguez Report. Posted Apr 24 I've been here 5 or 6 times and it's my favorite venue.

This time I arrived at 5 pm on a Monday. It was dead, but at about 5: He went straight into a booth and I knelt next to him and sucked on his perfect dick for a few minutes. I had a feeling he was a straight guy who'd be there for 3 minutes before dropping a load and leaving, but I was wrong.

He pulled away and I sensed he wanted more so I invited him into my booth. I ended up taking him to the big booth at the end with no gloryholes and I sucked him, licked his balls, played with his ass and chest. This boy was a wet dream. Later he went into another booth and I watched through a hole as he sucked that Asian guy who is always there. I ended the visit by going back and feeding the college student my load.

I have a feeling he was there for hours sucking on anyone who asked. There's almost always something interesting going on at the Green Door. I live over an hour away but try to stop by whenever I can. Freewilly Report. Posted Mar 12 I went to the GD on Saturday night for the first time and saw everything that I expected. I sat in the straight sex theatre when a very good looking couple came in and sat in the front row.

It couldn't get any better. Lo and behold some asshole that was sitting behind them started saying rude things to them and he turned around and told the asshole to be quiet but the friggin asshole couldn't shut his mouth so he zipped up and they left. If some people could just shut up and watch, the rest of us could of had a live sex show. Posted Mar 11 Went back again on a Sunday evening and arrived around 8.

Not too many cars or too much action. More started to arrive, but still lots of shy people it seems. It wasn't until a couple came in and put on a show did things heat up. It was funny to see the rush to the booths with gloryholes when they went in.

After they left, it got hot real fast. Sucked one guy and ate his hole in a private room, got fucked twice in two other rooms, then went and got fucked through the gloryholes twice. For the hour drive, that ending made it worth it. Posted Mar 10 Read the reviews on this place and I was up for a drive so decided to hop in the car yesterday to check things out myself.

Over all, easy to find, seems safe in regards to hooking up. Place has great potential, if you get there at the right time. For a Saturday afternoon, it wasn't as crowded as I thought it would be, but it was a nice day, so I guess I was there too early. Arrived about 4 and while I was swallowing my first load by 4: A few guys walking around, but all seemed to be there for dick, like myself.

Will try again on a weeknight maybe. Would love to find a good time to give up my holes till I can't take anymore.. Bi-Dude Report. Went here last Sunday afternoon and the place was pretty busy. In one of the theatres there were three guys against the wall with their pants around their ankles and one guy on the floor sucking one guy and stroking another. Well, the one he was stroking had a nice cock so I thought what the hell.

I got on my knees and starting blowing him right there. It took awhile but he finally delivered a nice load. I love this place, can't wait to get back! Jan 04, Total Listings: Posted Feb 28 This place is amazing! Two theatres: Also, a long hall of booths showing straight porn, each with a bench and doors for privacy.

I went on a Thursday around noon and there were about a dozen men cruising, and more kept coming in over the next two hours I was there. I walked around to get my bearings and adjust to the dark, then hung out in the theatres, watching porn and jacking off. Pretty soon, a very nice looking older man came and started to play with my cock.

We went into a booth together where we both eventually stripped naked while he sucked and rimmed me, and then I fucked his ass til I shot my load. I took a quick breather and cleaned up a little in the one bathroom toilet and sink with no soap, key at the front desk then went back into the theatres. Eventually another guy sat next to me and started to suck my cock and lick my balls, he was really into it.

He was joined by another guy and they both worked on my cock til I shot in their mouths. The place seemed really busy with a slew of guys, older and in all shapes and sizes. Will definitely go back the next time I'm in the area! Posted Feb 13 Its Ed again. This place is freakin' unbelievable. I was in yesterday at 11 am and it was very slow and empty and I almost left but then it picked up.

And boy, did it pick up. Sucked off a nice cock at the back gloryhole for a little while and it was okay to start. Sat in the theatre for awhile until the crowd picked up and played with myself as another guy watched. Then a guy and his wife came in. I know you think I am full of They went in the back booth around the corner by the back exit and stripped down naked leaving the door open.

She was older but wasn't bad and he had a nice cock. We were stacked three deep at the door watching until some big asshole blocked the way on purpose and went in and blocked the door shut. The other guys gave up but I patiently waited my turn sitting on the bench outside the booth. When the guy came out they left the door open and I didn't hesitate and went in.

She was on her back with her husband eating her pussy and she grabbed for my cock and sucked it. Then we switched. She has a sweet pussy and I licked it for quite a long time. He offered me his nice cock and I sucked it too. We played for some time then they left. I finished up in a three-way in one of the gloryhole booths.

Both guys were fantastic one with a great teasing mouth and the other with great teasing hands. Could not have had a better time. So the moral of the story is that if you get there and it is empty just wait as you never know what will happen. Posted Feb 05 Been here at all times, even the afternoon on a weekday.

There are always guys there. The action was great everywhere. Had a three-way in the back booth around the corner that was so hot. Sucked two cocks through the gloryholes as well. Watched a guy giving another guy a blow job in the hallway. All in all, a great place. Have yet to see women or TSs. I fly both ways, so no problem.

John Report. Posted Jan 11 I'm from northern PA. I've seen a lot of posts about this place. Well I'm very new about having a guy suck my cock and take my load. Or even fuck my cock through a gloryhole. Well, let me know what days are good to go there, thanks. Lex Report. Posted Dec 31 Is this mostly just gay action? Can a straight guy get laid in this joint or is it more likely I'll be hit on by guys all night and leave disappointed?

Posted Dec 15 I stopped by last Sunday afternoon. There were about 15 cars in the lot. I couldn't get over how shy everyone was. We're all there for some action but no one communicated. I went into a booth and put my hand through the gloryhole hoping to suck some nice cocks. A guy came in and just stood there.

I guess he was watching the video. Then I saw a nice hard cock come through the other hole. The guy gave it a couple of sucks and left. I went into the hall and got a look at the guy with the nice cock. After a few walks around I went up to him and asked how does a guy get his mouth fucked around here? He said you want to suck my cock.

I smiled and said yes. I sucked him off through one of the holes. He dumped a nice load in my mouth. I hit on another guy a while later. Sucked him in one of the small rooms with a couple guys watching. I sucked him till my jaw hurt. He never came. Must have been on the pill.

I'll definitely return for more. Biguy2 Report. I am an older guy. Very slow the first time I was here. A real old guy game me a surprisingly great hand job while a huge cock popped through the gloryhole. I jerked him off and sucked him till he shot. I need to go there when there are more people and I would like to see some women as well.

People are so shy. Loosen up folks. Have fun. AveragevJoe Report. Posted Nov 12 CLEAN the place! The smell of jizz and poppers was overbearing. What a mix. Big ones, small ones, old ones, young ones, gay ones, "straight" ones, and a guy that brought his own dildo, and another, a regular who is a walking Petri dish.

Yeeech, wouldn't be surprised if the CDC closes this place down. Thihiguy Reviewer Usergroup: Mar 02, Total Listings: Posted Oct 26 I love going here, although sometimes it's kinda slow. Best night usually Saturdays. Best time I ever had, I sucked one guy after another. I lost count around 22, five of them had their women with them, one blew me.

All this in about four hours. One guy had the KY with heat and did my ass nice and slow while his friend gave me 7 inches to suck. Got my mouth filled that night. Still looking for a steady white guy 6' or under with weight and height proportioned. Must have 5 or more inches of cut cock for me to take care of.

Email address deleted. Contact information such as email addresses and phone numbers belong in your CFS member profile. Please use the Hookup Message Board -- not the reviews -- to post personals and hookup ads. Bryce Report. Posted Oct 12 Definitely hit or miss. Been there a couple times over the last couple weeks. Met a guy there last night with a giant cock. There was a lot of standing around and posing going on particularly by 3 latinos that were there.

Wasn't to many guys around tonight again, maybe I was just there to early. I've heard its a happening place normally not sure what happened tonight. Thanks for the report, Bear4Breeding. Sounds like it's not worth a special trip to the Lehigh Valley - more of a case where if one is already there, might as well check it out.

Yeah, I wouldn't make any special trips for it. I'll try it again at least once, I'll wait till after the holidays and all are well over and try again see if its any different then compared to now. I was there 2 times, both times it was slow, some trolls Let us know when your returning for your Service to our Country. I'll make sure I make the time to get up there and suck that cock dry.

I need to check this place out I always head to baths in Philly.. I like a place where I can walk around naked and be bred over and over. I don't know if you could walk around naked, but i guess the worse they could do is either tell you to get dressed or ask you to leave. You can post now and register later. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account.

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Existing questions. Thank you. Posted Apr 19 May 16, Total Listings: I feel like such a dirty slut. All in all, a great place.


Index by Keyword. Had a blast and couldn't wait to go back in a few weeks, but not very likely now with that news. We went so my wife could get loads of cum on her tits. Feb 13, Total Listings:

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Must have been on the pill. Totally worth it! We made out and fucked and sucked and then opened the door a little bit and someone came in to join us. Posted Jan 27

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