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Create Account Forgot Password? What kind of seating is in a non-VIP arcade booth? Forgot Username or Password? Call us if you have questions! Couples night is when we close down one theater for couples only. Spycam 2 The only activity that is compromising is the act of walking into the theater or booth, which is open to public view.

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View All. The VIP rooms are set up to only allow the paying customer s in. Only couples are permitted to the couples night. Here's what you're missing out on! So your VIP rooms are for couples but are 3 people allowed? Observing someone walk into a video booth is no different from watching him walk into a public movie theater that plays adult movies, in that in each case the observer is aware that the customer is about to watch an adult video. Do you allow smoking in while viewing? If you have guests in the room, we will also need their IDs.

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